April 2020

We’re Reopening safely


WE'VE OPENED SAFELY We are pleased to announce that RE-DETAIL has reopened with extend opening hours which can been seen on our booking [...]

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November 2019

Black Friday


Your Content Goes Here Complete exterior wash full dry vacuum of seats and carpets (including boot). Intensive seat treatment. Dashboard clean and polish. Windows [...]

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May 2019

We’re Hiring


We are looking to recruit someone with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection! By joining the RE DETAIL team as a Detailer and Ceramic Coating specialist you [...]

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April 2019

Why Marine Ceramic Coatings are important


Optimising performance is at the top of all elite vehicles enthusiasts list, and marine engineering is no different. A close second is usually keeping your pride and joy looking [...]

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Car Detailing v Car Wash


Obviously, we are going to tell you that a professional car detailing will knock spots off a roadside car wash. But what’s the real difference? Why is it better? First [...]

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Wondering what happens when we ceramic coat glass? 


We did a little video demonstration for you, check out how the water just slides off the RIGHT-HAND glass panel of our RE-DETAIL van! The coatings act as self-cleaning [...]

Wondering what happens when we ceramic coat glass? 2019-04-09T15:25:11+00:00

November 2018

Black Friday


GOLD VALET Complete exterior wash, full dry vacuum of seats and carpets (including boot). Intensive seat treatment. Dashboard clean and polish. Windows cleaned. Wipe and clean [...]

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Dealership Coating against Ceramic Coating


Purchasing a new car is an exciting experience but often, the experience of having to deal with the salesmen can be stressful. They are renown for doing all they can [...]

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September 2018

Join us at Dream Drives


On Sunday 16 September, we will be taking our workshop on the road and attending the Dream Drives event at Specsavers. Our good friends at the Lions Club of [...]

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