Purchasing a new car is an exciting experience but often, the experience of having to deal with the salesmen can be stressful. They are renown for doing all they can to convince you to purchase almost every additional extra that they offer. They know that you are purchasing a brand new vehicle and that you are going to do everything in your power to keep it looking that way and that is when they unleash their proven “paint protection packages”. They do their best to fill you full of promises, whereby your car is stain resistant or rust proof and that your car will continue to look its best for as long as you own it, but are they telling the truth? No.

What is Behind the Dealership Paint Protection Package?

Effectively, it’s a wax job. The process involves the dealership applying a paint sealant before handing over your car and taking your hard earned cash. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a paint sealant and it certainly has some benefits but you don’t need a dealer to carry it out for you and you certainly don’t want to be paying their prices because you could do it yourself. It is also worth understanding that these polymer paint sealants realistically only last for several months and then it disappears. So, why do they promise you a product that will last a lifetime and charge you the earth for it?

With these paint protectors, they carry some kind of warranty as they claim to protect your vehicle and so, if this does not occur, then you have a right to make a claim and this is where your money is going. However, what you should consider is that they fix these chips and scratches after they have occurred and we believe that prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to protecting your car.

Why is a Ceramic Coating More Beneficial?

A ceramic coating works differently from the moment it is applied. Paint sealants and waxes do not form a permanent bond with your car, hence why it disappears after a few months but ceramic coatings create a guaranteed 5-year bond. This means that the layer it creates is durable and able to withstand UV rays, pollutants and contaminants as well as other things that can damage your vehicle. Another great benefit of ceramic coatings is the fact that dirt and debris do not adhere to the vehicle and this means that when the time comes to clean your car, the dirt and grime will wash away. However, for the extra level of protection that is proven to last, you will require an expert service because the application process is not as simple as dealership paint protection.

1. Can the coating be applied by anyone?
No, the coating has to be applied correctly by a trained specialist., unlike dealership coating which can be applied by anyone.

2. Prior to application, will preparation work have to be carried out?
Yes, the surface of the vehicle will have to be thoroughly cleaned to remove all contamination and swirl marks as well as light and medium scratches. However, no careful preparation work is carried out with the dealership paint protection.

3. What is the cost of the coating?
The cost of a ceramic coating is £650 and is a guaranteed 5-year coating, however, the £350 coating applied by the dealership will only last a few months.

4. Will I need to have it re-coated in the future?
The ceramic coating is simple as it is applied once and works instantly and lasts for a guaranteed 5 years. If you have it done at a dealership, you will need to use an aftercare kit each month.

5 Will it prevent scratches?
The ceramic creates a hard coating that helps to prevent scratches but the dealership coating is still susceptible to scratches.

6. Is there a warranty included with the coating?
With all of our ceramic coatings, you will receive a warranty booklet and warranty number. You will receive no warranty with the dealership.

7. Can I continue to use car cleaning products once it has been applied?
After the ceramic coating has been applied, you are free to clean your car in the same way as you always have done using the same products. You will be required to use a car kit if you continue you to wash a car that has been protected by a dealership.

8. Why do you have to use aftercare product when cleaning the vehicle?
You don’t have to use any aftercare products with the ceramic coating but you need to use aftercare products with the dealership coating to ensure that it continues to work as it needs a booster coat.

9. Will any cleaning products remove the coating?
The only way to remove the ceramic coating is through abrasion, so it is going nowhere. However, if you use a traffic film remover or cleaning products which aren’t last stage protection safe with the dealership coating, it will remove the protection.

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