Optimising performance is at the top of all elite vehicles enthusiasts list, and marine engineering is no different. A close second is usually keeping your pride and joy looking in top condition. And that’s where ceramic coating (and Re-Detail) come in.
The latest product on our shelves moves away from the more traditional marine wax and polymer-based products, towards a high gloss ceramic finish that not only improves performance but offers protection and a finish that is second to none.
As well as a having a deeper longer lasting shine than the waxing it replaces, ceramic coating protects against UV damage, oxidation, corrosion, staining, seawater, scum, chemicals, fuel and practically anything else that Mother Nature—including seagulls—can throw at you. And we probably don’t need to point out that that smother the surface of a boat, the faster it will glide through the water.
These products are truly revolutionary in the marine industry. Traditional waxing only lasts two or three months but a ceramic coating can last up to five years.
On top of all the above, the ceramic coating can be applied to almost any surface of a boat above and below the waterline, including the propeller, and it makes cleaning and reviving the shine much less of a chore. We’ve even had boats that have been out of the water for a long while covered in dried on dirt – a quick spray of water and a wipe with a cloth and most of the buildup will come right off.

If you’d like to get a quote for marine ceramic coating please get in touch with Ryan on 07781 439689 | hello@redetail.gg

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