We have worked hard for many years to become the leading mobile valeting and detailing company. Our results speak volumes, all we ask in return is that you respect our terms, terms of business and our staff. In return, we will always deliver what we promise!


Vehicles should be dropped off ideally 30 mins before your booked in time. Vehicles which arrive after the appointment, or miss the appointment entirely, maybe refused and will result in the loss of the deposit.


Your vehicle should be at the address specified ready for the time of your booking. Should your vehicle not be present we will try to contact you. After 10 minutes, if we unable to make contact we will leave your location and your deposit will be lost.
We carry out valet services all year round but, on some occasions, the weather prevents us from pursuing our normal duties. In this event, if you have an undercover area or suitable garage, we could still valet your vehicle. If no such sheltered work area is available, bad weather may regrettably force us to cancel. We will contact you by phone to confirm the cancellation and to re-schedule a more suitable appointment.


Please give us as much prior notice as possible in the event that you need to cancel your appointment. We require 7 days notice to cancel a booking. Failure to provide 7 days notice will result in the loss of the deposit.

Refunds will only be honoured for bookings with 7 days notice or more.


Where a customer vehicle is to be driven on the public road, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is safe and legal to do so. If at the time of collection, a vehicle is in our opinion un-roadworthy, we reserve the right to refuse to drive it, and no refund of deposit will be due if the booking cannot go ahead as a result.

We will not be held responsible for damage to your vehicle due to faulty or loose parts on your vehicle. Please ensure we are made aware if any parts are poorly fitting or loose prior to us commencing your valet.

If your interior is heavily soiled with mud, pet hair, mould, vomit or blood, additional charges will apply. We advise if you have any of the above to send a few select pictures before booking so that we can provide a fair estimate. If not, the price will be negotiated upon the day before any work commences.

Child seats must be refitted by you; we will not be able to refit seats under any circumstances.


We may take before and after photos of your vehicle for use on social media etc, number plates are blurred out. If you do not wish your vehicle photos to be used please advise us beforehand.


We are NOT able to offer a complimentary vehicle or transport people as part of our service.


In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied, any complaint about the valet should be made within 24 hours of the service being completed. Please email or call +44 7781 439689. Should the Client fail to adhere to this time scale then the Company may decline to rectify any omissions or discrepancies.

These terms reflect the fact that our time is valuable and your appointment may have prevented someone else from benefitting from our services. In the unlikely event that your appointment has to be delayed or cancelled by us, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will not be held liable for any consequential losses resulting from such delay or cancellation.