We did a little video demonstration for you, check out how the water just slides off the RIGHT-HAND glass panel of our RE-DETAIL van! The coatings act as self-cleaning and even delay the buildup of grime and protection from the elements. 

Our glass ceramic is the first ceramic coating designed specifically for automotive and marine glass, the hardened optically clear base means that you’ll benefit from:

✅Reduced water spotting 
✅A clearer field of vision at speed
✅Less oily residues and fingerprints
✅Increased protection against heat and chemicals
✅Less long term environmental damage

We have been involved in the testing of this new glass ceramic over the past 18 months. Itcombines qualities from the Automotive, mobile phone and industrial sectors to provide what we consider to be the first coating specifically for glass to the automotive and marine industry.

The automotive and marine industry both share the need for a product which is not only hydrophobic and maintains a clearer field of vision at speed but also olephobic. The latter provides the ability to prevent oily residues and fingerprints to mark also. This combines with reduced water spotting factors.

The new multistage system provides a 2-part protection. The first is a hydrophobic base with technology borrowed from the ceramic family, namely silicon nitride which provides increased protection against heat and chemicals as well as environmental damage. This gives a hardened optically clear base which gives the main durability. When the topcoat is added to this it gives increased hydrophobics and faster water clearing at speed.

Simply put it repels contamination and increases shine.

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