Ceramic Coatings

The FEYNLAB® HYDRO Marine Coating System is the ultimate watercraft protector. Designed to combat the harshest environments, HYDRO’s proprietary formula acts as a barrier on your watercraft’s surface, providing protection from fresh water, salt water, the sun, and various other environmental factors.

Ceramic Coatings

what are
Ceramic Coatings for boats?

Unlike the short life span of waxes and sealants, HYDRO’s nanoparticle ceramic resin protects for up to five years. The main form of protection that this coating offers is UV protection, As well as a good level of hydrophobicity meaning that the rinse down after use is much faster. Application to the propellers will improve fuel consumption.

HYDRO’s four-layer coating system penetrates the gel coat, filling pores and stopping oxidation before it starts, preventing corrosion from ruining your finish. Suitable for both paint and gel coat finishes, HYDRO tackles the age-old issue of yellow, powdery oxidation caused by UV damage.

Layer 1
Fill Pores and Surface prep

HYDRO’s nanoparticle polish refines a boat’s soft and porous gel coat finish to a brilliant shine, while the resin aids in the prevention of future oxidation. Heat generated from the application procedure helps cure HYDRO into the pores, strengthening the structure and density of the surface by clogging micro-pores with a base layer of nanoceramic particles.

Layer 2

A second layer of HYDRO’s ceramic formula gives your vessel’s surfaces chemical protection from foreign elements and environmental contaminants. The high ratio of silicon nitride (SiN) and silicon carbide (SiC) add additional strength.

Layer 3

HYDRO’s third layer acts as your boat’s sunscreen, dispersing over 99% of UVA & UVB rays. State-of-the-art zinc oxides, alongside titanium oxide nanoparticles, offer a broad spectrum of UV protection, effectively stopping oxidation before it starts.

Layer 4

The final layer of HYDRO adds additional chemical resistance and creates an ultra-hydrophobic, slick and glossy finish. This hydrophobic layer reduces drag in the water, increasing efficiency and making cleanup and rinse off a breeze.

What’s included?

FEYNLAB® HYDRO is a durable formula, lasting up to 5 years after application.

When applied below the waterline and on propellers, watercrafts treated with HYDRO see increased fuel efficiency and additional speed. HYDRO’s proprietary ceramic resin provides a semi-permanent shine and depth of color like no other product on the market. 

  • Surfaces
  • Flooring
  • Windshields & Glass
  • Anchors
  • Propellors
  • Radar, Satellite & electronic Equipment
  • Solar Panels
  • Vinyl Seats & Panels
  • Cabinets
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How long do ceramic coatings for boats take?2022-05-25T10:39:35+00:00

Typically a Ceramic Coating will take 5 days to complete.

Times can vary depending upon the condition and size of your vessel.

How much do ceramic coatings for boats cost?2022-05-25T09:24:54+00:00

Ceramic Coating on boats start from £300 and increase depending upon the size and the condition of your vessel.

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