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A comprehensive range of yacht and motorboat valeting

Whether your yacht or motorboat is in service or stored, keeping growth and pollutants at bay is vital to your enjoyment and the functionality of your boat. Rectifying faults and degraded surfaces contribute to a ‘shipshape’ condition. Our yacht care services are designed to protect, repair and restore all the elements that contribute to your enjoyment of the water.

The service begins with the removal of ingrained dirt and growth. All our washing is done with soft brushes and chamois leathers.

Machine polishing is used to restore a high gloss and even shine to dull gelcoat or painted boat surfaces. Every boat is judged individually as to what combination of machine, head & compound is required to produce the very best marine valeting results.

We clean and polish all metallic components that come into contact with salt water.

We will remove ingrained dirt from your boat’s vinyl, leather and plastic and restore that ‘just like new’ look.

Our talented team can keep your interior spaces looking pristine, from soft furnishings to hard surfaces.

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How long does marine valeting take?2022-05-25T10:39:00+00:00

Typically the valeting of a yacht or boat will take 1 day to complete.

Times can vary depending upon the condition and size of your vessel.

How much does marine valeting cost?2022-05-25T09:55:16+00:00

The cost of valeting varies depending upon the size of your vessel. Please get in contact and can provide you with a free quote.

How long do ceramic coatings take?2022-05-25T10:26:45+00:00

Typically a Ceramic Coating will take 4 days to complete.

Times can vary depending upon the condition and size of your car.

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