Obviously, we are going to tell you that a professional car detailing will knock spots off a roadside car wash. But what’s the real difference? Why is it better?

First things first, some companies will use the term car detailing when they mean a car wash and a quick hoover. There is a big difference between going to the car wash, whether that wash is done by hand or done by a machine, for a ‘quick clean’ compared to a professional car detailing business who are trained and who specialise in the cleaning and detailing your vehicle.
A simple car wash will remove the surface dirt and dust but little more, and to keep a minimum shine to your vehicle you’ll have to repeat the process each week. Car detailing goes way beyond that. Let’s have a look at some of the main differences:

1. All washes aren’t created equally.
A wash is just part of detailing. Most simple car washes will leave your car looking clean on the surface. The wash involved in detailing goes much deeper and will leave your car with that ‘showroom shine’.

2. The detail is in…well, the detail!
Each vehicle detailing here at RE-DETAIL is tailored to fit the vehicles age, maintenance level and budget, along with what type of dirt needs to be removed and what protection needs to be added. The specific requirements of a vehicle and the cleaning products that are used at general car wash are rarely taken into account.

3. We care, and we take care.
Your car is probably the second biggest purchase you’ll make and we understand that. We are all passionate vehicle enthusiasts and we treat your car like we’d treat our own. We only use the best tools and equipment and that all means you get a superior service.
Don’t get us wrong, car washes definitely have their place, and they are great when it comes to keeping your car fresh and if you aren’t worried about the odd scratch or two. However, if you want your car to hold as much value as possible and you want that ‘just driven off the forecourt’ feel then detailing is for you.

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