Ceramic Coatings

Starting from £700

Ceramic coating’s help new cars retain their ‘just new’ look and can also revitalise the look of pre-owned vehicles. Dirt is easily washed off, ensuring that treated cars also stay looking cleaner for longer.

Ceramic Coatings

what are
Ceramic Coatings for cars?

Existing paint protection products cannot compete with the outstanding performance of a Ceramic coating. It is a complex formula, ceramic hardened glass finish which links and bonds to your car’s clear coat lacquer. This is unique to the market place. Ceramic coating’s protective layer is up to 4 times thicker than existing fluoropolymer paraffin wax based products and is up to 10 times more durable than any other products currently on the market. Deterioration of your paintwork, which is normally associated with acid rain, pollution, solvents and road salt should no longer be an issue.

A thick layer providing extreme durability

Super Chemical Resistance

Intense levels of UV and heat protection

A high gloss finish

Super hydrophobic surface, causing water to instantly release off the surface

A think flyer providing extreme durability

What’s included?

Ceramic coating comes with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee. Ceramic coating does not require any inspections or conserver type, top up maintenance. We believe that any product, which requires additional top ups, conservers or inspections during the course of the guarantee period, is not in our opinion, a cost effective or value for money paint protection system for the consumer.

  • Paintwork
  • Glass
  • Wheels and calipers
  • Exterior plastics
  • Door shuts
  • Engine bay area and plastics
  • Exhaust tail pipes
  • Exterior rubbers
  • Leather seats, dashboard, trims
  • Fabric seats, carpets, floor mats
  • Convertible roofs
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– Graham M

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How long do ceramic coatings take?2022-05-25T10:26:45+00:00

Typically a Ceramic Coating will take 4 days to complete.

Times can vary depending upon the condition and size of your car.

How much do ceramic coatings for cars cost?2022-05-25T09:21:30+00:00

Ceramic Coating on cars start from £300 and increase depending upon the size and the condition of your vehicle.

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