A great reviewing the HYDRO coating we applied to the power boat…

“Big thanks for the ceramic coating on the cat for this season it was phenomenal, the shine is still there now like it was when it was first done, I found every time I washed it down after every test run and after every race it cut the drying time down by loads, all it needed was a quick wipe over and it was dry, it even reduces the salt crystallization down when it’s dried in places you couldn’t get to.

I even found when you were on the plane the hull felt more free from the surface which would help with rpm and also on fuel economy I would of thought, even the dirty froth and Diesel you get in the marinas on the surface of the water which leaves the line around the boat cones off so easy with the help of a little soap on top of the ceramic as I found out when i took the boat out after the race in cowes.

Ceramic coating was the best thing I’ve done on a boat and I would recommend anyone else to do it on theirs.”